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Bound for the Methow Lost Homeland: The Methow Tribe and the Columbia Reservation, by local author E. Richard Hart and published by the Shafer Historical Museum in Winthrop, is now on sale. The deeply researched book gives voice to the compelling story of how the Methow Indians of North Central Washington lost their homeland in 1879 at the urging of Sinkayuse-Columbia Chief Moses, who had no right to speak for the Methow. Hart, a noted historian, acclaimed expert witness in litigation involving Native American tribes, and past Chair of the Shafer Historical Museum, sets his account against a background of tumultuous cultural and political change in the region. Price: $24.95

"Lost Homeland will immediately become the standard reference for anyone who wants or needs to understand what happened to the original people of the Methow Valley." said author Jack Nisbet.

Bound for the Methow Seven Years on the Pacific Slope by Mrs. Hugh Fraser In a carefully abridged and annotated version, Peter Donahue and Sheela Mclean have restored a landmark Northwest memoir which was first published in 1914, and is republished now by the Shafer Museum. World traveler and well-known writer Mrs. Hugh Fraser used colorful words and livingly anecdotes to tell what she saw and experienced during her seven-year sojourn in the remote frontier Methow Valley—from courting and canning to hay making and horse trading. The new edition of Seven Years on the Pacific Slope includes vintage photographs from the museum’s archives as well as footnotes identifying the many people, places and events recalled in its pages. Price: $19.95.

Bound for the Methow Bound for the Methow by Kit McLean and Karen West - A stunning visual record of the Methow Valley's rich history and heritage. This 228-page, art quality hardcover book contains more than 300 historic photographs from the museum's archive, many of them shared by the families of the early settlers. Price $59.95 ($67.35 covers the book, tax and shipping.)

Mazama: The Past 125 Years by Doug Devin - Drawing on stories gathered first hand, unpublished diaries, newspapers clippings and other historical resources, local rancher and author Doug Devin chronicles life and events in the upper Methow Valley from the late 1800s to 2008. Along the way he introduces his readers to the cast of characters and dreamers who made Mazama what it is today.   Price $24.95.   Washington State residents add $2.04 sales tax.

The Whole Damn Valley by Diana Hottell - "This book is a quiet read for times when we need to remember that the human race still possesses at least a few redeeming qualities. It is for those who would care to plumb the depths of the place they've chosen to call home. There is still no doubt in my mind that this is a special place, even a sacred one. To recall and listen to those who have come before us is to add more texture to the fabric of our own lives." - Diana Hottell    Price $24.95    Washington State residents add $2.04 sales tax.

High Hopes and Deep Snow by Marcy Stamper - The history of mining in and around the Methow Valley is the story of tough men and a few women working in rugged, often life-threatening conditions to extract gold and other precious metals from the North Cascade mountains. From the time the United States declared the valley open to non-Indian settlement in 1886, the quest for mineral rights fueled the local economy.  
Price $12.95   Washington State residents add $1.06 sales tax.

Down to the Harness Section by Wilfred "Wink" Byram - Down to the Harness Section comes to us in the unfiltered, engaging voice of Wink Byram, whose family was among the early white settlers of the Methow Valley. Wink's book explains some of the history of the Methow and surrounding towns, and the work that kept these communities alive. In the process he describes steam donkeys, flour sack underclothes, the planetary transmissions, cream separators, sling chains, popping Johnny saws and dough gods. Price $24.95    Washington State residents add $2.04 sales tax.

A View of the Methow from Moccasin Lake Ranch - by James C. Pigott - Jim Pigott, a long-time resident of the Methow Valley, is the owner and operator of Moccasin Lake Ranch. His book not only provides an occupational history of the valley, but provides a colorful glimpse of what it has taken to run a ranch in the 20th and now 21st century. The book is richly endowed with both black and white historical photographs and beautiful color images of the valley today. A must read for anyone interested in the Methow Valley. Price $29.95    Washington State residents add $2.46 sales tax.

From Copenhagen to Okanogan by U.E.Fries - The story of Ulrick Fries, who as a boy migrated from Denmark to the United States and settled in the Okanogan country of Washington Territory in 1887.    
Price $22.  Washington State residents add $1.80 sales tax.

The Smiling Country by Sally Portman - A history of the Methow Valley. The book has been revised. It is now available at the General Store at the Shafer Museum.

Belle of Barron Mining Shares - Become a stockholder in the Belle of Barron Mine located on site at the Shafer Museum, for only $25. Washington State residents add $2.05 sales tax. The price entitles you to a certificate and one year's membership in the Shafer Museum.

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